October 30, 2020

Some Kentuckians Will get Extra Wages on Unemployment

As Governor Beshear announces more federal help for people on unemployment, some people say they are still waiting on help promised to them in March.

Governor Andy Beshear says for those that qualify for the Lost Wages Assistance program, the extra $400 a week, will now be paid an extra three weeks.

But some people who are still out of work say they don’t see how that will help them when they can’t even get benefits they applied for months ago.

Ted Workman lost his job on March 10, he was working at a power plant on the Ohio River but, because of the governor’s mandates, the staff there was reduced and he lost his job. He’s made trips to Frankfort, tried to sign up for appointments, waiting on hold, and regardless of what he does, he says he can’t get any help.

“They don’t answer the phones. I get on the chat they don’t answer the chat,” Workman said. “Send the email, don’t respond to emails. Won’t let you in the office. Get an appointment? Said I’m not on the list, despite driving all the way here.”

Governor Beshear says the money, through FEMA and partly from Kentucky’s allotment of CARES money, will be for the weeks of August 22, 29 and September 5.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Individuals who qualify for a weekly benefit of at least $100 per week in unemployment compensation for each week covered by FEMA’s LWA
  • Individuals who have self-certified that their employment has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

The governor’s office says the payments will automatically be processed for people who self-certify their employment has been impacted by COVID-19.