October 30, 2020

Lawmakers will hear from Healthcare workers on the Impact of Covid in Hospitals

Kentucky lawmakers will hear more information about the impact of COVID-19 Thursday afternoon. 

An interim legislative panel is set to hear testimony about the impact on hospitals. This comes after one eastern Kentucky hospital’s CEO said their facility was nearing capacity for COVID-19 patients.

When the pandemic started, government leaders said the purpose behind all the mandates, restrictions and shutdowns was to preserve the health care industry and keep it from being overrun. So far, that hasn’t happened in Kentucky, but some are concerned.

Thursday, lawmakers in a panel will hear from the president of the Kentucky Hospital Association and the CEO of Harrison Memorial Hospital. Both are supposed to talk about the effect of COVID-19 on Kentucky Hospitals.

This comes after the CEO of Kings Daughters Hospital in Ashland said the virus has them nearly at capacity. The CEO said it is no longer just impacting those with underlying health conditions or nursing home residents. She said it os attacking babies, children, and healthy active men and women.

We have not heard about other major concerns in other hospitals.

Last spring, we did highlight the ICU built at Danville’s Ephraim McDowell Hospital. A doctor there told us Thursday they currently have five patients with a capacity of 17.

The CEO of King’s Daughters in Ashland also says the virus has impacted doctors, nurses and su