Wayne County Schools Release Survey Results

Over 1,200 surveys were taken by parents of students in the Wayne County school district and the results have been released by the district.
The question when school resumes do you feel comfortable sending your child back to school; 59% said yes & 40% no.
Which issues would make you hesitant to send your child back to school; 54% said a change to school operations. 40% was uncertainty about coronavirus resurgence, 28% were not hesitant to send their child back to school, and 26% cited household members vulnerable to the virus.
Which start date for in person classes do you prefer; 26% said August 12th, 25% were not comfortable with in person classes, 24% said August 24th, 21% said September 8th.
In the event that a modified schedule is needed to ensure social distancing which option do you prefer; 41% said attending school all day every day with extra precautions, 26% preferred attending class virtually only, 23% would choose having classes on alternating dates, 8% chose alternating between in person and online classes.
A complete look at the questions on the survey can be found on the districts website.