Statement Released on Water Situation

A statement from the energy & environment cabinet has been released concerning issues for Monticello Utility Commission Customers.   The statement reads;

Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman and Gov. Andy Beshear are committed to improving the health of all Kentuckians through a responsive and transparent administration that places great value on a safe and sustainable environment. The Division of Water (DOW) has been advising the Monticello water treatment plant on its recent taste and odor issues. The treatment plant has hired a company and testing has found few to none cyanobacteria in the raw water. These microorganisms can be a cause for taste and odor issues if present. Samples were also taken in the distribution system for slime and iron-related bacteria. All the sample sites were negative for both. The taste and odor issues may have been caused by the how the plant sedimentation basins were operated. Plant operators have been advised on how to abate this. The DOW will continue to monitor the situation until all issues are resolved. Citizens who notice taste and odor issues, are encouraged to report them.

Breaking the statement down, the local water issue these past few weeks appears to be an issue with a sediment tank that local officials will need to be refurbish and clean to help ensure the problem does not re occur. The issue was not algae blooms as suspected by the utility commission.  In the short-term good news is that the problem appears to be getting better over the past several days.