School Board Meeting Recap

The Wayne County Board of Education met last night (Thursday) and approved three possible school calendars for the next school year. The three calendars, as requested by the governor, included one with an early start state, one with a more traditional start date and a third option with a later start date.
Earlier this year, the board had already approved a traditional school calender for 2020-21, which set the first day of classes for August 12. That was among the three plans discussed during the meeting. Another proposal would be to start school on July 22 and a third proposal would have a later start date of September 9.
Superintendent Wayne Roberts said the district is currently waiting on more guidelines about the new school year, before any final decisions are made. He referred to the Kentucky Department of Education’s lengthy document provided to districts regarding the considerations for reopening schools. School officials are still working through the document and discussing what actions may need to be taken.
Roberts also indicated that he may look for some parent input before a final decision is made regarding the calendar for the next school year.