Pulaski County will be the Next County Offering the new Real- ID

Kentuckians now have one more option to maintain U.S. air travel and military base entry thanks to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) expansion of REAL ID-compliant card access.

The Pulaski County REAL ID regional driver’s licensing office will initially offer one station to process REAL ID licenses, but will expand capacity in coming months. Pulaski County residents who have a current driver’s license, permit or identification card may apply for a Kentucky’s REAL ID-compliant version if they want to use a state-issued credential to meet upcoming REAL ID requirements that go into effect Oct. 1, 2020.

Residents who already have a valid form of REAL ID, like a passport or military ID, can use that instead of the new REAL ID license if they want to visit military bases and fly within the U.S. starting this October. Current driver’s licenses will continue to remain valid for driving, voting and general identification purposes.

WHAT IS A REAL ID LICENSE Starting Oct. 1, 2020, Kentucky driver’s licenses, permits and identification cards displaying the Kentucky Unbridled Spirit logo or the language “NOT FOR REAL ID PURPOSES” will no longer be accepted to board U.S. commercial flights or access restricted federal buildings to comply with federal REAL ID law.
Kentucky is in the process of offering REAL ID-compliant licenses, permits and identification cards accepted at airport security checkpoints, military bases and federal buildings that require ID once federal enforcement begins.
REAL ID licenses serve as one of several forms of REAL ID. Below is a list of common forms of REAL ID Kentuckians may use to maintain air travel and select federal building access:
• Valid U.S. or foreign passport
• Valid U.S. Passport Card
• Voluntary Travel ID license, permit or identification card
• Military ID (issued by U.S. Department of Defense)
• Permanent resident card
• DHS- Trusted Traveler Card
• Global Entry Card

As of now, Wayne County Clerks Office is reporting to obtain the Real ID, you’ll need to go to the field offices.