Park Board Recap

(Melodie Phelps) – The Wayne County Parks and Recreation Board met yesterday (Tuesday) and board members received a copy of the
budget for the ASPIRE Center and the park for the current year. Parks and Recreation Director Lonnie Chaplin said that he expects the budget will be down significantly in this fiscal year, because the effects of COVID-19 on facility rentals.
 He said it could end up being about one-third of what it normally is. The board will review the budget, but took no action during the meeting.
 Chaplin said that plans are underway to replace an old water line at the park. The line has been turned off and materials to replace it will cost approximately $1,000. He said that the MUC and the city crew will help complete the work.
 Chaplin noted that the youth soccer league will begin competing this week. About 160 kids signed up to play soccer. That is about half the number of kids who normally participate. Discussions will be held next month regarding basketball leagues.