Monticello City Council Recap

Monticello City Council met last night (Monday) and heard the first reading of an ordinance that would mean a slight increase in tax rates for city residents.
According to the ordinance, the rate for real property, tangible property and personal property would be set at 12.3 cents per hundred dollars assessed value, up from 12.1 cents last year.
The rate for motor vehicles and water craft would remain the same at
22.5 cents per hundred dollars assessed value.
The rate recommended to the council is the compensating rate, and officials indicated that the increase was due to a significant drop in the assessment of tangible property this year.
No action was required on the tax rate ordinance. It will require a second reading and council vote.
Also during the meeting, the council declared an emergency and approved an ordinance that set building inspection rates for the City of Monticello. The state requires the city to have a building inspector, but he does not receive a salary. His fees are generated by inspection fees.
The fees approved in the ordinance are those set by the state and reflect an update from old rates that were on the city books. Single family residential buildings are exempt from the ordinance.