Lifeline Program and Broadband now Help Lower Internet Service Costs for Students

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman said the current administration is committed to ensuring all Kentuckians stay connected now and moving forward. It is critical, even in the midst of a global pandemic, that we work to stay connected to one another. One challenge to Kentuckians staying connected is lack of affordable and reliable internet services in many areas of the commonwealth. Coleman recently shared home internet assistance options designed to make communication services affordable for low-income families. The following programs are designed to offer robust internet access to underserved rural areas ensuring affordability:

Lifeline Program: A program funded by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to expand subsidized broadband options for low-income families by allowing households to have two connections over mobile and fixed broadband; for a full list of providers here

Broadband Now: A system collecting and analyzing internet provider’s coverage and availability to make the most accurate search available. Results are specific to your area and help consumers find and compare local internet options.

As part of Team Kentucky’s effort to keep Kentuckians connected, home internet assistance programs meet the critical need to obtain internet access for remote learning or work during the pandemic. Kentucky families who qualify for the low-income internet assistance can determine program eligibility here.

Cardinal Connect

Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline is a program offered by the Federal Communications Commission providing monthly discounts for communication services, such as phone or Internet, to eligible households. Kinetic by Windstream is proud to participate in this program to provide a fast, reliable home Internet connection for work, school, entertainment and staying in touch with family and friends.

To determine if you qualify for Lifeline discounts:

• Visit

• Click “Apply Now” found in the top right corner of the site

• You will then be directed to the National Lifeline Verifier page and asked to select your state

• Follow the prompts (note: you will be asked to create an account before submitting)

• Once Lifeline approval is received, contact a Kinetic by Windstream rep for special offers

**After you are approved please right down your qualification code, it will start with a Q and call us at 606-679-4584 or visit at 305 N. Main St, Somerset; we will then be able to process an order for you**