Juvenile Charged Following Accident

According to Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron a fifteen-year-old juvenile has been charged on felony and other charges after a motor vehicle accident.

On April 2, 2020 Deputies Brent Rose and Jerry Coffey responded to a suspicious vehicle complaint on Kentucky Highway 674. Upon arrival in the area the Deputies observed the described vehicle on Patrick Road. When this vehicle observed the Deputies cruiser the driver abruptly turned into a driveway and made contact with a parked vehicle sitting in the driveway. The Deputies activated their emergency lights at that time. The vehicle then backed up striking a garage causing a substantial damage to it. The driver drove forward striking the Deputies cruiser and then continued on and coming to a stop in a nearby field.

Deputy Rose charged to fifteen-year-old with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, wanton endangerment-2nd degree- fleeing or evading Police-2nd degree (motor vehicle), criminal mischief -1st degree and for driving without a license/negligence in an accident.

There were no injuries in the accident and the accident investigation is continuing by Kentucky State Police Trooper Adam Dodson.