Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween now here, the Kentucky State Police has issued some tips for making the event fun and safe for all ages.

First, officials say motorists should be alert during trick-or-treating hours and watch for pedestrians as well as those on bicycles. Remember that children often cross streets in a hurry as they go house-to-house on their quest for more candy and treats and may not always look for oncoming cars before doing so.

Children should carry a flashlight or glow stick to make them more visible and preferably wear costumes that are light colored and that will not cause tripping. Face paint is also advised over masks to avoid reduction in being able to see. Smaller children should be accompanied by an adult and others should stay in groups and only visit homes or businesses they are familiar with.

Parents should also inspect all treats before allowing children to consume them and avoid any treats that are not properly wrapped or have been tampered with.