Drugs Discovered Near Kids Toys

(WKYT) – A mother and two others are facing charges after officers found two small children in a Pulaski County home with drugs and guns.

 Amber Cole, Teri Eden, and Casey Foster are facing drug trafficking and child endangerment charges.
Pulaski County Constable Michael Wallace says he and other officers were called out to a home in the Castlewood Court neighborhood in Somerset on Sunday.
Wallace says he and the officers found heroin, meth, scales, long guns, and handguns. He says it’s all evidence of drug trafficking.
“The house was full of needles. Needles in the driveway, needles in the yard,” said Wallace.
Officers also found heroin lying next to a small table with a tea set on it.
A 10-year-old and 4-year-old children were in the home along with their mother, Amber Cole.
“It’s hard to believe people would put their children in those situations. This day and time. Pulaski County. There’s a drug epidemic,” Wallace said.
Cole was arrested along with Teri Eden and Casey Foster. All three are facing drug trafficking and child endangerment charges.
Social services placed the children with other relatives.
Wallace says they’ve received several complaints about the home since September.