City Council Recap

Monticello City Council has given its approval to a proposed painting project that would change the look of the concrete wall that runs along Main Street in the area south of the Farmers. Members of the local arts council proposed the painting project during a meeting of the council last night (Monday).
The project which will include a series of arches depicting scenes from around the county, like Mill Springs, the lake and other landmarks. The wall will include six different arches. In the center will be a double arch that will state “Welcome to Monticello,” and include the logo.
Volunteers with the arts council will do the work, and the council will pay for the supplies. Work could begin when the weather warms up and volunteers stated that it should be done during the spring.
The council will look to the community to help them make specific color selections for the wall. It will be posted on Facebook and the council will look at the responses next month before making any final decisions.
During the meeting, Mayor Tracie Sexton appointed Charles Day to serve on the Parks and Recreation committee. He will complete the term of Dagan Shelton.