City Council Approves Tax Rates, Looks at 911 Funding

(Melodie Phelps) – Property taxes will decrease slightly for city residents this year, after Monticello City Council approved the second reading of an ordinance setting the tax rate at 12.1 cents per hundred dollars of assessed value. The council met in special session last night (Monday) to approve the tax rates.
Property taxes are down from 12.3 cents which was levied last year. The rate for personal and tangible property also decreased to 12.1 per hundred dollars assessed value. That is down from 12.3 cents last year also. The rate for motor vehicles and watercraft will remain at 22.5 cents per hundred dollars assessed value.

During the meeting, the council discussed funding for 911, which is something that they have wanted to take a closer look at. Council members discussed the city’s contribution to 911 service, which is $10,000 per month, and compared the methods other nearby communities use to fund their 911 operations. Mayor Tracie Sexton told council members that if they wish to negotiate any type of new agreement with the county
regarding funding for the service, they must provide a written notice to the county by October 1 to terminate the deal currently
in place. Since this was a special meeting, the council could take no action in regard to the discussion.