Week of July 27th, 2020

I’m finding that there is a lot of truth in the old saying: “Birds of feather flock together.”

            That is an  old saying or proverb that goes back hundreds of years.  Apparently somebody “way back then” observed that some birds seemed to hang out together probably as a means of survival.  Eventually the saying came to mean that people of similar interests, background, ideas or characteristics will often congregate or hang out with each other.  They tend to “stick together.”

            I guess that is the reason that since becoming an ol’ codger I’m noticing that a lot of people I “hang” with seem to be ol’ codgers themselves.

            Since I’ve been shut up in the house out here on Bambi Circle and since the Governor says I can’t be in the presence of over ten people at a time; I’ve not had much of a chance to congregate with my fellow ol’ codgers.

            Even though I’ve not had a chance to talk with them very much; I’ve often thought about how they’re doing and how they’re handling this “quarantine” thing.  I know that, like me, they don’t like to be separated from their ol’ codger friends.  If us ol’ codgers have learned anything; it’s that we need to “hang” together!

            Fact is we kinda form a club.

            The Ol’ Codgers Club really doesn’t have an official name but some people refer to us as old geezers, old timers, old fogy, old crazy men, and elderly. 

            We like to have our club meetings early in the mornings at McDonalds, Hardees, or Burger King.  Some of the more wealthy of the Ol’ Codgers Club meet at Starbucks, Baxters, or Hoppers. 

            It really doesn’t matter what you call us or where we meet.  The important thing is that we congregate with and hang out with each other.

            It’s in those meetings of the Ol’ Codgers Club that we discuss the matters of the world. 

            So many of the restrictions that were placed on us because of this “bug” from China are being lifted and we are starting to have our regular meetings of the Club.

            We’ve started sharing our observations, thoughts, and answers to this Coronavirus.

            Actually we’ve learned a lot from the experience.

            We’ve learned that you can go to bed one night with the assurance that we’re going to have enough money to last till we die and wake up the next morning to learn that our politicians are going to help us accomplish that goal by sending all of us some “stimulus money.”  Now, us ol’ codgers have not got all that excited because we know it’s not money we’ve earned.  It’s not money backed up with stockpiles of government owned gold or silver.  It’s not even tax payers money.  The reality is that the “stimulus money” comes to us in the form of checks that have been printed on a government printing press or copy machine.  Us ol’ codgers don’t trust that kind of “money.”  We learned a long time ago that “money” printed on a copy machine is called counterfeit money.  We know that when counterfeit money is spent; somebody’s going to wind up with the “short end of the stick.”  (Ol’ codgers know what that saying means.)

            We’ve learned that all this “free money” is nothing more than an attempt to make us more dependent on politicians!  Attempts of the government to feed the population with “free meals” is not free!  We know that these sleazy politicians can not “give” us something they don’t take from us.

            A lot of us ol’ codgers have gone to church most of our life.  The freedom we have to exercise our religion is one of the most precious freedoms we have.  And, with that said, we’ve found out that the freedom to meet in our religious services can be thwarted by some “hot shot” elected official!  We never thought we’d live to see anything like that!

            The accumulation of abandoned dead bodies of old people in nursing homes has taught us that maybe human life is not as precious to some as it is to us.

            Us ol’ codgers have lived much of our life watching how we spend every penny and dime of our paycheck.  We know how to save.  We know how to do without.  We don’t have this damnable sense of entitlement that is rampant in our society.  We don’t believe we deserve the “best.”  We believe in helping the less fortunate but we also believe that we have a personal responsibility to provide for ourselves and our families.  We know what it is to “make a living.”  And, it’s hard for us to see so many with their hands extended to receive when they are able to work and “make a living” for themselves and their families.  We believe that the best place to find a “helping hand” is at the end of our own arm!

            I’m believing that it might be time for us ol’ codgers to accept the wisdom that “birds of feather flock together.”  It’s time to realize that life is not over for us, yet!  This old sick world needs us!  When we speak up and share our wisdom with those around us; we will face opposition and ridicule.  Hey, we’ve faced that before!  We’ve lived through wars, natural disasters, lawlessness, corrupt government practices, and crimes that have been perpetrated upon us.  This is not our first rodeo!

            So, come on, you ol’ birds.  Let’s get together and use our influence, wisdom, expertise, and experience to turn our world around. 

            Let’s “hang” together!