Fiscal Court Holds January Session

Wayne County’s Fiscal Court met Thursday night for the January Session.  The Court approved proceeding with a KY Product Development Initiative Grant Resolution for $493,642 which is to be used by the industrial development authority to purchase the 50 acres adjacent to the industrial park.  The money will come from TVA and the county will not have to contribute.

Also, County Judge, Scott Gehring reported the county has been selected to receive a homeland security grant for $255,800 to upgrade the computer system at the courthouse, a  portion of the ambulance service computers, and the sheriff’s office computers. No cost is involved for the county.

You can watch the full meeting by clicking the following link:*1t07cal*_ga*MTE0MDM3NjY2MC4xNjcyMTY4NDIy*_ga_PXBBF7HVWQ*MTcwNzMzMDg1OS44OC4xLjE3MDczMzE2NDAuMC4wLjA%26fbclid%3DIwAR21kPnIVlb5hyfzQ2PAEcM-7WPD-t1jmBdi6gVSEabv1hEd_uaCay0g_E0&h=AT3Jt5rwvMVaZO4aTfnn5nstejiJmhAe2T7huHsjd0IzDE6JgCAu5sQs8iBopyBusmvdeqR97BLlR0zXNOrNDk7CeUHYTr-bdllPf1rywiY8yQRXxXUc9JQQoJjBTD2qNsXy&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT0darTmRUvU-ACNZtxOdbGSysK6a3zbNu79GLAkzMzVfyLIOel0r7rNt1zZcRDOzdexn5U2k0iPTqkrDIW47JuqjeyCAQjdCtqNAhINeYrXgiZqH9DRdfYuNknnSkOZHRxo-fAJhQg9qtlNWeHElqukTHHl9L8UpEPHElAL4m_3XLtYgSHZzRnOl1Jngkz56S_vC20rliD8