Maintenance Leads to a Local Boil Water Advisory

A scheduled maintenance on Hwy. 776 tank was scheduled for 10:00 pm Wednesday, January 24th. This will cause disruption in services for customers for an undetermined length of time.
Customers affected will be those on Shaw Valley Rd; from the intersection of Hwy 3285 & Hwy 776 to the intersection of Hwy 3285 & Shaw Valley Rd. Including Pine Rd, American Legion Rd, Red Bud Lane & Green Rd.
-On Hwy. 776 from the intersection of Hwy. 776 & Green Rd to the Elk Ridge Church. Including Jess Criswell Rd & Worley Ranch Rd.
-On Denney Hollow Sinking Rd from the Elk Ridge Church to the Denney Hollow Sinking Rd & Big Sinking Rd. Including Big Sink School Rd.
-On Hwy 790 from the intersection of Hwy 776 & Hwy 790 to the end of Big Sinking Rd. Including Pilot Rock Rd.
**A boil water advisory will follow for these areas once service is restored.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.
Another boil water advisory is in effect
A boil water has been issued due to a line break for the customers on Hwy. 1756; from the intersection of Hwy. 1756 & Norman Spradlin Rd to the end of Greenford Rd. Including Slip Rock Caynon, Parmleysville Rd, Steel Hollow Rd, Mitt Foster Rd, Bell Hill Rd & River Rd.
Until further notice, boil all water for cooking and drinking by bringing the water to a boil for 3 minutes before using. The advisory will remain in effect until the situation has been corrected and test results have shown the water to be an acceptable quality. For more information about this, contact Jason McGinnis at the Monticello Utility Commission (606)348-8473.