Intro to 3D Printing Class Making Strides

This is the first year for the Intro to 3D Print Technician class at WCHS/WCATC.There are two classes with a total of 31 students.   The students have mastered loading and printing on the 3d printers as well as learning to “slice” or create a design for the printers.  So far this year, students have been working in Tinkercad software for designs and the final project in Tinkercad has been the creation of the train set.  Each student had to design and print their own train car.   Cars had to roll on wheels and attach to the car in front of and behind them.

Two Views of the Trains. Non-Function Cars were parked in the middle rail yard

Some students took on the caboose or the engine while others included interesting cargo on their train cars.   In this culminating activity, these students were able to showcase what they have learned so far this year.  Next up – Fusion 360 which is professional design software.   Students will find this challenging but it allows them to do so many designs that were limited in Tinkercad.   As the year progresses we will also be learning to scan in 3D.  Students enjoy how hands on and active they are in this class.


Students Dalton Lewis, Taven Saunders, Jakob Brammer, Paco Castillo, and Cameron Acrey worked on assembling their train cars

Cameron Perkins shows off his engine.  Paco Castillo created a train car with a sliding side door.  Jeremiah Mikel created a realistic cargo car.


Jack Denney displays his cargo car.  Maritza Hidalgo places her car on the train.  Makena Cooper works on the redesign of her train car after her first print.