High Attendance Results

The preliminary attendance results are in and Wayne County Middle School led with the highest attendance of 96.74 percent present, closely followed by Monticello Elementary with 96.46% present on High Attendance Day on September 13th.

Students at these two schools especially enjoyed being outdoors for some special events on the beautiful early fall day. The other schools on campus held age-appropriate activities experiencing some high attendance figures, as well. Walker Early Learning Center showed 94.66 percent (preschool was not included in this count), Bell Elementary had 94.01 percent present, and Wayne County High School revealed 93.76 percent present.

It seems likely that some of these schools may win the regional contest sponsored by Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel. Results from the region and statewide contest are yet to be announced.

Special thanks to the families who made sure their children were at school, as well as the staffs that went all out to make it another great day at school for their students with all kinds of creative plans.

Monticello Elementary School

Terah Mason made a power throw to hit the arm of the dunking machine during high attendance day fun!

Sheriff Deputy James Barnett trying to get students to pitch him into the dunking tank

Deputy James Barnett finally went down in a big splash

Deputy James Barnett resurfacing from the dunk tank

Keilen Calhoun assisting with the dunk tank by tossing tennis balls to each student pitcher.

Monticello Fifth Grade Teacher Kristi Morrow and her class “The Mighty Coconuts” headed to the kickball field to compete

Fifth graders chanted “Lets Go Coconuts”

Caroline Ferrell made a cute palm tree for the Coconuts team

Teacher Morgan Vaughn checked out Kevin Hoskins’ loose tooth from the sideline during the competition.

Morgan Vaughn’s class excited to play the Coconuts on the kickball field

Kale Keeton running to a base after his kick

Kale Keeton running to a base after his kick.

Kickball underway on field

Monticello Science Teacher Letitia Brown helped make bags of popcorn for the students at the concession stand.


Principal Chris Patton grilling hot dogs

WCMS Principal Chris Patton grilled the hot dogs for the students


GEAR Up Coordinator Jessica Thrasher getting ready to serve the freshly grilled hot dogs to the students.

WCMS students enjoying having a picnic

7th grade boys enjoying the inflatables

(l-r:) Keegan Nance, Adriann Moles, Lucas Ross, Michael Angles at the inflatables

Students enjoy inflatables

Having fun sliding down giant slide

 Walker Early Learning Center

Gracelynn Branham portrayed Elsa, Instructional Asst. Janice Barnett was Jack from Jack n’ Jill, and Nicholas Branscum was Little Boy Blue in a kindergarten class.

Preschoolers (l-r:) Hunter Brown, Cali Roberts, and Andi Roberts enjoyed snacks and smoothies.

“Row, Row, Row your Boat” came to life for Kindergarten Teacher Erica Casada and Amelia Morris, who was dressed as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Preschoolers Mattie Neal (dressed as the Mouse went up the Clock) and River Barnes (dressed as Humpty Dumpty) were decked out for the nursery rhyme theme.

Kindergarten Teacher Jill Allen taught Braylee Morris and Grant Cooper the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song and hand motions.

Kindergarten student Taelynn Vaughn, dressed as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Instructional Asst. Ashley Raines dressed as Hey Diddle Diddle, making them quite a pair.

 Bell Elementary 

Bell Elementary recess time was exciting with inflatables on the grounds