New Flag Disposal Center at the Couthouse

A while back the local DAV Chapter 105 reached out to Newly Elected County Judge Scott Gehring about a place for people to dispose of worn-out flags.
After looking online and seeing the astronomical cost he said “we don’t need to order one we have an amazing group right here that can make this!” And he reached out to the Wayne County Area Technology Center to see what they could do.
And boy did they do it right! Mr. Alan Bell, the welding instructor was present with his students today who had a hand in creating the box in the following classes welding class and Tech Design.
Multiple DAV members showed up for the box dedication as well as the first 2 flags were placed.
Donna McClure from Senator Mitch McConnell’s office was able to join us today for the ceremony.
Then off to City Hall, we came for the DAV open house and ribbon cutting at their new office.
Our DAV works so hard for the Veteran’s of our community and all the members of Chapter 105 that includes Mccreary, Clinton, Cumberland, Wayne, And Southern Pulaski.
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