Meet the Team at City Hall

Have you ever wondered what really takes place at City Hall? What jobs are held here?
Today we would like to introduce our community to the staff at City Hall and give you a small glimpse into the important jobs that take place here.
Kenneth D Catron Jr, Mayor (we all know him as Kenny) – Kenny is the executive officer of our City. The Mayor position involves many jobs and duties such as working with other local officials to help our community grow, listening to citizens’ concerns, working with Community Telecoms Services, Monticello Utility Commission, County, State and Federal officials to help Monticello get the funding that larger Cities receive.
Leslie Lester – Administrative Assistant to the Mayor – Her job includes being the face that you see as you enter the Mayor’s office, answering the phone, taking messages, managing all paperwork that pertains to projects taking place in the City, managing calendars and meetings, and attending City Council and other meetings as needed. Basically, if you have a need Leslie is the first person you will speak too. She is new to the team and came along with Mayor Catron as he took office.
Caron McCarthy – Administrative Assistant – Her job includes serving as a Secretary to the Mayor and City Clerk, typing memorandums, bank deposits, maintaining control over incoming and outgoing mail, collecting city tax payments, etc. Caron has been with the City for 6 months.
Tresia Troxell – Assistant to City Clerk – Tresia’s job includes preparing bank deposits, collecting tax money, issuing city licenses and permits, maintaining documents for recordkeeping, assisting in submitting and listing of accounts payable to City Council, assisting in preparation of reports for social security, state withholdings, federal withholding, insurance coordination, W2 Statements, creating tax bills and other billings, and preparation of payroll. We are lucky to have Tresia with us as she brings 10 years of City Government experience with her.
Greg Latham – City Clerk – Greg is who keeps this boat floating and the city would be lost without his 29 years of experience. The job of City Clerk involves preparation of all materials for City Council meetings, recording of minutes and documentation in appropriate books, etc. Greg serves as custodian of the Seal of the City, ensures that all ordinance meets publication requirements, and prepares/proofs property taxes and other licenses. He also maintains personal records for city employees, ensures that monthly and quarterly financial reports are completed, and prepares all correspondence relating to taxes. Greg has considerable knowledge of the legal requirements needed to maintain the city’s financial records.
But, did you know that City Hall is not just home to the Mayor and City Clerk Office? On the upper level of City Hall, you can also find the Chamber of Commerce, Commonwealth Attorney Wayne Co Office, and the ABC Administrator’s Office. NA/AA, DAV, VFA and City Council meetings all take place on the lower level.