Local Gas Prices Push Ahead of the State Average

Drivers appear to be taking advantage of the recent milder winter weather in much of the nation by fueling up and hitting the road. The increase in gasoline demand and slightly more expensive oil have pushed the national average for a gallon of gas higher by 12 cents since last week to $3.42.

According to data from the Energy Information Administration, gas demand rose from 7.5 million to 8.0 million b/d last week. If demand remains robust, drivers will likely see pump prices rise through the week.

Today’s national average of $3.42 is 33 cents more than a month ago and ten cents more than a year ago.  The Local Prices have also been on the increase and are running higher than the state average which is 3.16 per gallon.

Wayne County 3.22

Pulaski County 3.19

Russell County 3.19

Clinton County 3.27

McCreary County 3.06