Cardinal Football Team Wraps up Off-Season Work

From Coach, Tyler Guffey;
As the off-season comes to a close, our team put in major work. I am very proud of these kids because up to this point they had not had a regular offseason since 2019. Covid had robbed us of some of what made Wayne County football great which is working hard, being smart and becoming brutally strong. Here are the new record holders along with the filthy 10 lists and the 1000-900-800 pound club members.
Team records were broken: avg squat 359.3lbs, avg vertical 29.9in, avg pro agility 4.8 sec,avg dot 55.4sec, avg total pounds (club) 994.7lbs, avg pound for pound 5.2.
Individual records were broken:
Nathan Stokes: 1st all-time
bench 375lbs ,tied 3 board 410lbs,1st all time in total pounds 1470 lbs.
Top 3 records
– Trevor Hammond tied 3rd all time squat 535lbs
– Nathan Stokes 1st all time bench 375lbs,deadlift 3rd all time 565lbs
– Wesley Cares Vertical 3rd all time 38in
Players joining the filthy 10 lists
-Nathan Stokes 1st Lineman 1470lbs
-Charlie Stevens 5th Skill 1265lbs
– Mason Burchett 4th all time 40 time 4.59sec
– Wesley Cares tied 10th all time 40 time 4.66sec
– Justin Curry tied 10th all time 40 4.66sec
We had 15 players in the 1000lb club, 6 in the 900lb club and 15 in the 800 lb club.
Congratulations to all who gave all for our team. Now let’s put it on the field!