August 15, 2022

Fire Department shares tips for safe grilling this Memorial Day weekend

 (WKYT) – Summer holidays typically cause places like lakes, pools and restaurants to be busier, but fire departments also see an increase in calls as the temperatures being to rise.

“That’s generally because there are more family get togethers, and gatherings, and with the nicer weather that generally means cooking outside and enjoying themselves around fire pits and things of that nature,” said Major Joe Welch with the Lexington Fire Department.

Fire departments respond to more than 10,000 home fires involving grills, hibachis and barbecues each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

“We want to remind everybody to make sure that they have their grills outside, away from any structures or also away from any other flammable materials. Recommend that you always keep the grill supervised,” said Major Welch.


Major Welch said keeping a fire extinguisher near by in case of a fire is also helpful. He explained it is important to be mindful while grilling but also when it comes time to clean up.

“Many times people feel like, they grilled the night before, their charcoal grill has cooled down enough and they’ll dispose of those charcoal embers in a garbage can. Later that evening, your garbage can will become engulfed in flames and if it’s too close to your house, unfortunately we have seen some damage to houses and structure fires that have started from outside in a garbage can,” said Major Welch.

Grill, hibachi and barbecue fires cause an annual average of $149 million in direct property damage, according to the NFPA.