Pulaski County Deputy Completes K9 Training

Sheriff Greg Speck reports the completion of forty hours of training for Deputy Trent Massey and his partner K-9 Leo. Deputy Massey and K-9 Leo attended training with the American Working Dog Association in Greenfield, Indiana. Sergeant Jason Downs with the Butler University Police Department and Sergeant Gary Wilson with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office conducted the training. The training consisted in the detection of narcotics and tracking. Following the training, Deputy Trent Massey and K-9 Leo completed their certification in Terre Haute, Indiana. They are certified in both narcotics’ detection and tracking.
Sheriff Speck said, “the addition of K-9 Leo working in the area of narcotics detection will greatly enhance our ability to investigate drug cases”. “Deputy Massey and K-9 Leo will be able to assist other Deputies, the Narcotics Division and the Criminal Investigation’s Division with investigating these types of crimes”.
Sergeant Patterson and K-9 Rocky have already been through training with OnPoint K-9 Academy in Scottsville, Kentucky and is certified through American Working Dog as well. Sergeant Patterson and Rocky have certifications in narcotics detection and tracking also.
Deputy Nick Barber and K-9 Giro will soon attend training at the same place Deputy Trent Massey and K-9 Leo did in Greenfield, Indiana. Upon completion of the training, Deputy Barber and K-9 Giro will be certified in narcotics detection and assisting with locating and tracking suspects as well as protecting the Deputy/Handler. Deputy Nick Barber and K-9 Giro will become the third K-9 and Deputy/Handler with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.
Major Jeff Hancock
Chief Deputy
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office