Covid Numbers from Thursday

Due to the increasing number of COVID positive cases, LCDHD is no longer able to provide work or school excuses/letters for individuals. We are encouraging people to provide their employers or schools with documentation of their positive test results instead. If you need a copy of your test results, contact the provider where you got tested.

There are many, many more positive cases reported each day than we are able to process in a timely manner. This is an example of why our numbers are not currently accurate in many instances. It is best, at this time, to rely on state data while we work through our backlog. We will be transitioning to incorporating the current state data into this webpage over the coming days.

We continue to adapt our strategies to process as many cases as possible in a timely and efficient manner. Please bear with us and follow the guidance posted on our webpage if you have questions about isolation or quarantine timelines.

State Daily Report is available here:

This is the State Daily Report.  Our counties are listed.  We are region 10.
This will be the report we utilize locally moving forward. It is the source of the best data during this surge.

For more statewide information click: statewide information.