City Council Recap

During their meeting yesterday (Monday), Monticello City Council approved a resolution to join Kentucky’s opioid settlement. The resolution authorizes Mayor Tracie Sexton to sign paperwork related to the litigation which was filed against the drug companies. Cities and local governments who are part of the litigation will receive money from the settlement. Funds will be split 50-50 between local governments and the state. The Wayne County Fiscal Court has also joined the litigation.

The council also agreed to use coronavirus funds they received earlier this year to pay off the property adjacent to the Farmers Market in the downtown area. Sexton noted that she had received information that the interest rate on that loan would increase in February. The payoff on the property is approximately $63,000, and she recommended the council proceed with the payoff.

Sexton stated that this is not ARPA money so it can be used for this purpose. She indicated that would leave about

$20,000 in the coronavirus funding that the city received. The council discussed making the two-way stop on Rolling Hills Boulevard a three-way stop since traffic will likely increase when the new doctor’s office opens in that area. Sexton said the council would have information regarding the change at their next meeting.