Fiscal Court Holds Monthly Meeting

Wayne County Fiscal Court met last night (Thursday) and approved the budget and salary allotments for next year for the sheriff and the county clerk’s office.

Budgeted Receipts for the sheriff’s office in 2022 total approximately $871,000, with expenditures set at about $866,000. Salaries were set at $310,000.

Budgeted Receipts for the county clerk’s office in 2022 total approximately $5,072,000. Expenditures are set at approximately $5,031,000. Salaries for the clerk’s office were set at $330,000.

The court also approved the sheriff’s office’s participation in the state’s advance funds program, which allows the office to borrow interest-free funds to operate on until tax dollars are received.

During the meeting, the court approved the adoption of Bart’s Way into the county road system. They approved the removal of Roll-O-Home Park Road from the county road system