How to save money on your heating bill this fall and winter

Kentucky Power officials said they are gearing up for the colder months and are prepared for the months ahead.

“Our systems are in good shape, and we have certainly have had quite the year with the February ice storm,” said Cindy Wiseman with Kentucky Power “A lot of repairs were made to the grid.”

She says with a colder winter predicted, officials with the company want to make sure their customers are also prepared; warning that temperatures going down will likely cause bills to go up.


One tip she offers to customers looking to save money is to make sure they are having their heat pumps serviced yearly, making sure furnace filters are changed and having your ductwork cleaned. She added customers can save money by putting weather stripping and caulk around doors and windows.

“Heating and cooling system, whatever you’re using to heat your home, is the most important and the most critical,” she said. “It is also the biggest consumer of electricity.”

If money-saving efforts alone are not enough to keep bills low, customers with issues with paying their bills have options for help. Kentucky Power has programs in place to help like HEART and THAW.

“The HEART program is available for income-qualified customers and provides residential customers, who have electric heat, with $115 worth of assistance each month, January to April,” said Wiseman. “The THAW program can assist customers facing a one-time hardship,” she added. “They can get $175 toward their electric bill.”


The HEART and THAW programs are managed by community action agencies.

Customers can call 1-800-572-1113 for more information.