Somerset Man Arrested on Drug Charges

The Pulaski County Sheriff, Greg Speck reports that on October 12, 2021, at 3:00 AM, William Rogers, age 44 of Randolph Street in Somerset, Kentucky was arrested following a traffic stop by Deputy Tan Hudson and Trooper Adam Childress on US 27 in Somerset, Kentucky at the Quality Inn.
The officers stopped a 2001 Chevrolet Blazer being driven by William Rogers. During a search of Mr. Rogers and the vehicle, the officers located 5.3 Grams, digital scales, and $2380 dollars cash. Through their investigation, they learned that Mr. Rogers was staying at the Quality Inn.
With the assistance of Somerset Police Officers, Taylor Cundiff and Derrick Glover, the officers searched the hotel room of Mr. Rogers. During this search officers located an additional 115.8 grams of suspected methamphetamine as well as items normally associated with the sale and use of illegal drugs. The drugs will be submitted to the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab for identification.
Just to put it in perspective, 0.2 grams of methamphetamine is an average dose and usually last about 6-8 hours in the body. Of course, this will vary depending on the individual. Mr. Rogers had on his person enough methamphetamine for over 26 average doses. In the hotel room he had enough for approximately 579 doses. The total doses would amount to over 584 average doses. 1 gram (5 doses) of methamphetamine will allow the average user to be high for approximately 35 hours. Also, to put in perspective, one (1) gram of methamphetamine is equal to about one of the packets of artificial sweetener that you commonly see in restaurants.
William Rogers was charged with the following:
Charge # 1 – Trafficking in Controlled Substance, 1st Degree, 1st Off – (Greater than or = 2 Grams Methamphetamine)
Charge # 2 – Drug Paraphernalia – Buy Possess
William Rogers was transported to the Pulaski County Detention Center where he remains lodges as of this press release. Mr. Rogers is due to appear in court today at 9:00 AM.
Deputy Tan Hudson is continuing the investigation.
Sheriff Greg Speck asked that if you have any information about drug activity or any crime to contact our office at 606-678-5145. You can remain anonymous. You can also leave a tip on our webpage at
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