York is Facing New Indictment Charges

Daniel P. York is facing new indictments in a case that stems from the alleged abuse of his stepdaughters and taking one from a home in Monticello in 2018.

A Pulaski County Grand Jury has this month issued new indictments on charges of first-degree Rape (Victim Under 12 Years of Age); two counts of first-degree Sodomy (Victim Under 12 Years of Age); and Incest (Victim Under 12 Years of Age or Serious Physical Injury) that occurred on or around January 1, 2017.

The 54-year-old will have a pretrial conference November 4th in regards to his original 25 total counts of offenses that included; rape, attempted rape, Kidnapping, sodomy, and multiple other offenses.

Keep in mind that indictments don’t imply guilt or innocence only that enough evidence is present to hold the case for trial. One is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.