Fiscal Court Recap

Wayne County Fiscal Court will send letters to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, State Senator Max Wise, and State Representative Ken Upchurch asking that the resurfaced portion of KY 90 near Pump Station Bridge be regripped as a safety measure. District Two Magistrate Jeff Dishman made the motion for the written request during a meeting that was held last night (Thursday). Dishman said he had received calls from residents who were concerned about that portion of the road after the state began the resurfacing project on KY 90. That portion of the road, which has been the site for a number of fatalities and serious accidents, had gripping measures installed as a safety measure for motorists. Dishman said he contacted state officials regarding that section of road and they indicated there was no money in the budget to redo that work on Pump Station Bridge.

Several residents of the Coopersville Ridge Road area attended the meeting, asking about the process involved in getting a road blacktopped. District Three Magistrate Dale Vaughn addressed those concerns during the meeting, noted that progress has been made on that road over the years, including 2016 when approximately $100,000 was spent on various projects on the road. That also included the construction of a concrete bridge. He noted that he has worked for many improvements for the residents in his district including expansion of city water, blacktopping and also the expansion of broadband internet into the county. He also addressed some of the complaints that residents in that area had voiced about logging. Vaughn noted that the timber industry has provided many jobs in this community whether in the log woods, the sawmills, the truck and equipment mechanics, the stores where supplies and equipment are purchased, the grocery stores where lunch supplies are sold, etc.  “I will continue to work to improve the lives of the people in district 3 as long as I am in office,” Vaughn said. “Many times, the magistrates and judge are working on making progress and people don’t even know about it…Sometimes it takes many years of effort before it can be seen by the public. I have worked for you when you didn’t know it and I will continue to do so just like I do for the rest of the district.”

The court approved a resolution regarding the Rural and Secondary Road Program for this year. Wayne County received $294,000 in funding and roads that have been turned in for consideration total approximately $418,000.