MPD Reminds us that Online Shopping Could Increase Chances of Fraud

The Monticello Police Department is remind us that shopping online can increase the risk of fraud
Online shopping has increased dramatically since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the trend is continuing to grow. While this does make shopping easier and allows many to stay isolated from large gatherings, it creates a higher risk for individuals to become victims of internet fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans have lost more than $150 million to online fraud since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, recent online shopping sales such as Amazon Prime day have continued to put more shoppers at risk of fraud than ever before.
While this may seem alarming, there are important steps that can be taken to identify fraud before it becomes harmful. It is important for all shoppers to view each company’s email and confirmation policies before placing an order. Additionally, all shoppers should avoid any emails requesting information such as bank details or personal data such as social security numbers.
“Learning the proper steps to identify fraudulent emails can not only keep you protected but can help keep others protected from personal and financial harm,” warns KOHS Executive Director Josh Keats.