Fiscal Court Recap

The Wayne County fiscal court met Thursday for their regular monthly meeting. 

The court heard a presentation from the Chamber of Commerce requesting $40,000 from the county to go along with $40,000 to be requested from the Monticello City Council to help renovate a building on the square downtown to house the chamber office.  The money requested would come from the American Rescue Act awarded by Congress. The court said they would take the request into consideration and that there would be a work session coming up to discuss what to do with the Rescue Act funds. 

The Court approved resolutions authorizing the County Judge to apply and secure funding up to 3 million dollars for a natural gas distribution system. Wayne County is one of only seven in the state without natural gas. 

The Court approved the Fiscal Year 2022 budget totaling $16,136,956. The court approved a .19 per hour pay increase across the board for county employees. 

Also, the court agreed to advertise a portion of two roads to be adopted into the county system; 485ft of Tori Lane, and 753ft of Hatfield lane. The court approved an agreement with the KYTC Rural & Municipal Aid in the amount of $80,000 for the Lizzie Sharp Bridge Replacement Project.