Thursday Evening Covid Numbers

A total of four active cases in Wayne County. 

Statewide Testing Positivity Rate: 2.08%.
Deaths: We are happy to report no new deaths today. We have experienced a total of 453 deaths resulting in a 2% mortality rate (about 1 in 50) among known cases. This compares with a 1.55% mortality rate at the state level and a 1.79% mortality rate at the national level.
Hospitalizations: We presently have 9 cases in the hospital. This is 2 less than what we reported yesterday. We have had a total of 1,269 hospitalizations resulting in a 5.61% hospitalization rate (about 1 in 18) among known cases. The state hospitalization rate is 5.06%. The latest data shows that 88.89% of Lake Cumberland’s ICU beds are filled, and 22.22% of ventilator capacity is being utilized.
Total (Cumulative) Cases: The Lake Cumberland District has experienced a total of 22,627 cases since the onset of the outbreak. This means that 10.83% of our total population has been a confirmed case. However, we do not know how many additional people may have had COVID-19 and were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and never tested. Of our total cases, 0.53% are reinfections, and 1.64% contracted the virus after having received at least 1 dose of the vaccine.
Released (Not contagious) Cases: We released 4 cases today from isolation. Released cases include: Cumberland: 1; and, Pulaski: 3. In all, we have released 97.6% of our total cases.
Active (Current) Cases: We added 2 more cases today than we had deceased and/or released cases. This leaves us with 88 active cases in our district across all 10 of our district’s 10 counties. On 12/10/2020 we were at our peak number of active cases, 1,335.
Where Did Cases Visit Prior to Isolation: The most common places cases visited prior to isolation are (in descending order): Family, Businesses, Medical Facilities, and Schools. Of our active cases, 6% can not be tied back to another known case (community-spread cases).
New Cases: We report that our total case count has increased by 6 today. Our new cases are as follows: Clinton: 1; Pulaski: 1; Russell: 2; and, Wayne: 2. Our current new case growth rate is: 1.0005. This means our total case count is projected to double every 1291.66 days. The most new cases we ever added in a single day was on 12/30/2020 when we added 301 cases. Today’s new cases include:
Clinton: A 20-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic;
Pulaski: A 51-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic;
Russell: A 10-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic;
Russell: A 49-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic;
Wayne: A 14-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic;
Wayne: A 82-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic;
We added fewer cases today compared to the same time period last week so our 7-day-average incidence rate of new cases per 100,000 went down.