Citizens Police Academy Continues

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 – The second night of the Monticello Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy was very informative and busy. State Auditor Mike Harmon and his Chief of Staff Sara Beth Gregory were the guest speakers for the first session, sharing with CPA members how the auditor’s office conducts examinations of various units of local and state government offices and elected officials to ensure taxpayers’ money is being properly handled and disbursed.
Following this very informative presentation, CPA members traveled to the Wayne County High School where Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Tommy Spencer provided instruction on “use of force” followed by each class member participating in very stressful, intense scenarios during which they had to make split-second decisions on whether or not to use lethal force or take other actions in securing a suspect. The very realistic videos are generated and controlled by Deputy Spencer through a computerized firearms simulation training system currently on loan to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office by the Kentucky Association of Counties.
The Monticello Police Department sincerely thanks Auditor Mike Harmon, Chief of Staff Sara Beth Gregory, Communications Director Michael Goins, Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron and Deputy Tommy Spencer for making the second night of our Citizens Police Academy very special! And THANK YOU to Mayor Tracie Sexton for providing supper for everyone!