April 23, 2021

Man accused of trying to purchase a child in Corbin

 A 73-year-old man is accused of trying to take a small child from a Corbin home. Helton is in the Whitley County Detention Center.

Police said Ronnie Lou Helton tried to buy the three-year-old right in front of their grandmother.

According to police, they were called just after 4 p.m. by the grandmother, who said a man was parked across the street and walked over to her grandchild to try to help him climb over a fence.

She apparently yelled at the man, who let go of the child. The three-year-old then ran to the woman’s boyfriend, hiding behind him.

That’s when police said Helton offered to buy the child for $1,000. The boyfriend told the man to go away. That’s when the grandmother called the police.

Helton was arrested and taken to the Whitley County Jail. He is being held on charges of kidnapping and promoting human trafficking.