Health Department to Schedule More Vaccination Appointments Monday

From the LCDHD:
On Monday, March 1st at 9:00 AM EST/8:00 AM CST we will be scheduling appointments for anyone in Phase 1a and 1b including those 70 and older. Despite the announcement that 1c appointments are now allowed in some areas, we have not completed the 1a and 1b population in THIS area and therefore will continue to ONLY be scheduling appointments for 1a and 1b including those 70 and older at this time. Please do not call early and do not leave your information on our answering machine/voice mail. We are not presently keeping a waiting list. The numbers to call are listed below.
Adair: 270-384-2286
Casey: 606-787-6911
Clinton: 606-387-5711
Cumberland: 270-864-2206
Green: 2709324341
McCreary: 606-376-2412
Pulaski: 606-679-4416
Russell: 270-343-2181
Taylor: 270-465-4191
Wayne: 606-348-9349