More Legal Issues involving Infinitylink and CTS

Legal disputes involving CTS and Infinity Link Communications continue as a new lawsuit has been filed.

The suit was filed by the Monticello and Wayne County telecommunications board and community telecom services against Nfinitylink Communications, Jeremy L. Rich, Roger Dale Hancock and John and Jane Does 1-5.

A portion of the suit reads “This action arises by reason of the tortious actions and conduct between and among Nfinitylink, Rich, Hancock and John and Jane Does occurring, designed and implemented in Wayne County Kentucky to take and divert money and assets from the investments of the city and county governments of Monticello/Wayne County in CTS by, without limitation, wasteful infrastructure spending, misappropriation of CTS’s revenues and payments.  Intentional diminishment of CTS’s profitability and interference with CTS’s operas as further set forth herein.”

The lawsuit asks for judgement in favor of the plaintiffs along with recovery of all costs expended including but not limited to attorney’s fees and other costs, and for all other relief, both legal and equitable to which the plaintiff is entitled.