Albany man Charged with Rape of Wayne County Teenager

According to Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron an Albany man has been arrested for rape of a 16-year-old female juvenile.

On January 24, 2021 at 1:30 am Deputy Jerry Coffey received a call from the victim’s mother requesting the Sheriff’s Office to investigate the alleged rape. Deputies Coffey and Jacob Vanover responded to the Wayne County Hospital where the victim was being treated. The victim and her sister stated that the rape occurred at a residence located on Cherry Street in Monticello. The victim and her sister stated that the alleged perpetrator started buying the victim alcoholic beverages at a restaurant in Burnside although he was told the victim was only 16 years old. Sexual touching between the two occurred in the parking lot after being told no before the victim, her sister and friends left the restaurant and went to the residence on Cherry Street in Monticello. The perpetrator also went to the residence and starts making sexual advances towards the victim although she was in an intoxicated state. The victim then goes up stairs to use a restroom and then is followed into a bedroom by the perpetrator. This is where the alleged rape occurred according to the victim.

Deputies Vanover, Coffey, James Barnett and Derek Dennis recovered numerous items of evidence from the victim, the perpetrator and from the residence on Cherry Street. These items are being taken to the Kentucky State Police Central Laboratory in Frankfort for DNA and other testing.

Ryan Kelsay of Albany, Ky. was charged and arrested for rape-1st degree and for unlawful transaction with a minor-3rd degree.

The investigation is continuing by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Certified Sexual Assault Investigator Jacob Vanover.