Covid Vaccination Update

From the LCHD Sunday:

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

We spend a great deal of our time of late explaining to people why there is not enough vaccine available in our area for everyone who wants one to get one. Here is an article that helps to explain the answer: COVID-19 Vaccine, Patience is Needed. Several people who contact us are very frustrated. While this is understandable, we ask for patience and to keep in mind: 1) we at the local health departments have no control over the federal contract with CVS and Walgreens, 2) the state Department for Public Health and the Governor’s Office, not the local health departments, has control over how much vaccine is shipped to providers in our district, 3) currently, the state is only getting about 50,000 doses per week to spread across a population of about 4.5 million, 4) the local health departments have little influence on how any providers, other than the health departments, utilize the vaccine they receive, and 5) we post everything we know about the status of the vaccination efforts daily in our Daily Brief, so tying up our phone lines and staff with questions will produce no more information than simply reading our Daily Brief.

The Lake Cumberland area will continue in Phase 1a of our COVID-19 response, but has now also expanded into 1b, first responders and school staff. Also, do not forget about the federal contract with Walgreens and CVS pharmacies to vaccinate the long-term care facilities and personal care homes — residents and staff. It is our understanding that almost every nursing home in the state has been visited by either CVS or Walgreens to administer prime/1st doses of the vaccine.

The Lake Cumberland District’s health departments are not pre-registering for future vaccination phases currently, as we have not been authorized to order additional first dose vaccines, nor have we been promised that we will be allowed to do so in the future.

The only prime/1st dose vaccines coming into the Lake Cumberland area at present are the 500 doses per week that are coming to the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. Also, select area providers (not the health departments) are receiving COVID-19 vaccine for the Adair, Casey, and Clinton County school staff this week. The week of January 25th we expect area providers will receive vaccine for school staff in Cumberland, Green, Russell, and Wayne, along with part of the school staff in Pulaski. The week of February 1st, we expect area providers will receive vaccine for the school staff in McCreary and the remainder of Pulaski. The push to vaccinate school staff will likely tie up most of the state’s vaccine supply during these weeks.

The school clinic in Taylor was provided the week of 1/8/21 by Taylor Regional Hospital and approximately 300 vaccines were administered. The school clinic in Casey was provided on 1/20/21 and approximately 150 doses were provided by Cumberland Family Medical. The school clinic in Adair was provided on 1/22/21 and approximately 200 doses were given by Cumberland Family Medical. The school clinic in Clinton was provided on 1/22/21 and approximately 160 doses were given by Cumberland Family Medical.

Following the vaccination of school staff over the coming weeks, it is our present understanding the much of the state’s weekly supply of vaccine will be diverted to regional, mass vaccination sites for the 70 and older population. These mass vaccination sites, as we understand it, will be provided via a state contract with Kroger, not through the local health departments.